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Sight Words Course

This course is recommended for young learners (Kindergarten/Primary level Kids) or beginners that learn English as second language. The sight words are words that should be memorized and not read by the name of the letters. So this course helps you memorize faster the basic 40 sight words.

The courses are designer as short video lessons (not more than 2 min each) in order to be easy and efficient.

The students can watch as many times as needed.

The lessons include spelling, writing and using the words in examples.

For each lesson there is attached a printable worksheet that you can download, print and use for home practice.


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What people are saying

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My son is a Kindergarten student and he had a hard time to remember the sight words. This course was so easy and he can memorize his words better.

— Jessica A.

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I am 46 years old and I learn English This course helped me. Thank you!

— Mostafa A.

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I am a teacher and I have been using this course with my students when I teach sight words. So efficient!

— Hanna M.


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